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jennikristen's Journal

2 May 1983
Okay, so.

I'm really bad at writting this info things.

I'm a 22 year old single mama. I have the most kick ass kid ever. Seriously.

I go to school full time at a private catholic college.

I bartend as well as intern for a teen parenting program and dispatch for a police dept. when I can.

I like hanging out with my kid, eatting sushi, watching movies, drinking with my friends, playing in the snow or building really big train tracks with my kid on snowdays, reading, driving around with the music up so loud my ears hurt, going to the gym (wow this all sounds really lame) and debating. I'm pretty opinionated about things i'm passionate about and will argue to defend my beliefs.

I'm going to school to be a social worker. I'm going to graduate in May and from there who knows. I changed my major my sophomore year of college when I realized how much prejudice there is against young parents. My case managers couldn't relate and had a hard time helping me. So now I want to help girls in the same position I was in. I'm thinking about getting my masters in Law though, possibly going into family law but who knows.

Trust me I'm facinating.

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